Comprehensive Capability of Lightweight Development of Aluminum - Based Materials

        To provide clients with lightweight aluminum alloy product solutions and strengthen their product competitiveness, Hede Tech combines all of its experience in designing and developing aluminum alloys and has constructed a series of labs for material development and performance verification tests. By integrating alloy design simulations, small-scale RD casting test line, die designs, casting and heat treatment optimization, and material performance verification and analysis, Hede expects to provide clients with comprehensive aluminum alloy product solutions, and become a major partner and powerful technological support in aluminum alloy development.

R&D of new aluminum base materials

•Integrate current material mechanical property databases to accurately predict material performance
•Work with experts to develop and select the best lightweight materials
•The application of the trial production platform consistent with the requirements of mass production line

Product design and optimization

•Design according to the assembly and load requirements provided by customers
•CAE analysis was used to optimize the structure
•Realize "light quantity" and "quality" perfect unification

Mould design and optimization

•Independent die design and CAE analysis
•Conduct mold flow analysis modify filling, solidification and cooling trends
•Fine-tunes material microstructure and properties through die design to meet clients' needs

Optimized heat treatment process

•Specially equipped with heat treatment equipment for testing
•Real-time monitoring of the heat treatment process
•Optimize the heat treatment process quickly for new developed materials or incoming materials from customers

Quality and performance analysis

•Equipped with testing equipment for material composition and mechanical properties
•Equipped with scanning electron microscope, metallographic microscope and high magnification X-ray machine to analyze the microstructure of the product
•The product was validated by corrosion/fatigue test

Professional customized squeeze casting equipment solution

•Layout &equipment foundation design.Marketing assistance, product process development
•Individual equipment designProduction test and staff training. etc
•Persistent technical support,Equipment maintenance and upgrades etc