Quality Insurrance Ability

  • Fatigue test capability

    High/low cycle fatigue testing ability
    Resonance fatigue testing

  • Performance testing capability

    Performance testing capability
    Tensile Strength
    Yield strength

  • Material detection capability

    Material detection capability
    Material composition analysis
    Material development test

  • Internal quality inspection capability

    Internal quality analysis capability
    Porosity and density analysis
    Analysis of impurities
    Micrometallographic analysis

  • dimention testing capability

    Dimensional precision testing capability
    Casting accuracy analysi
    Machining accuracy analysis

  • Structural dynamic durability analysis

    Structural dynamic durability analysis
    High cycle and bottom cycle fatigue tests
    static stiffness test

  • Four-wheels detection capability

    Four-wheel positioning and detection capability

  • Suspension system performance test

    Suspension system performance test capability
    Test of dynamic, static or fatigue characteristics

  • Pulse fatigue test capability

    Static compression test
    Dynamic unidirectional pulsation fatigue test 

  • Torsion test capability

    Torsion test capability
    Vertical axial stiffness test
    Dynamic/static stiffness test