Squeeze Casting(Liquid die forging )

  • Squeeze casting is also called “Liquid die forging”. The principle of the process is to utilize mechanical high pressure(about 100MPa) to the entered liquid metal or semisolid metal of mould cavity, then be solidified to get casting parts.
  • Because of high pressure solidification and plastic deformation concurrenced, casting parts become compact texture, grain refinement, without porosity and loose these weakness. Then go on deal with T6 heat treatment. The property of the squeeze casting is better than the normal casting obviously, and approached the level as the same kinds of alloy forging parts. Squeeze casting is a choiceness process for lightweight development.
  • There are two important stages of the liquid die forging are mold filling and solidification, and two typical characters are low-speed mold filling and rapid high pressure solidification-feeding.

Squeeze Casting applications

Application Fields
Part Name
Car loaded parts
 Al & Al alloy base composite plunger, Al alloy & Mg alloy hub, Cross-beamed, Steering knuckle,
Lower control arm, Brake caliper, Engine support frame, Gearbox, Air compressor connecting rod
Car pressure,
Gas-sealing parts
 Air condition compressor turbine disc, Cylinder, Front and backcover, 
 Steering valve housing, Oil pump, Manifold, Fabricated Fuel Rail, Brake cylinder, Clutch cylinder
Car wear parts
 Shifting yoke, Pump case, Rocker, Track shoe, 
 Air compressor plunger & Canted disc, Al base composite material brake drum
Motorbike loaded parts
 Al alloy & Mg alloy hub, Yoke plate, Gear housing, 
 Back frame, Crank, Car frame, Handlebar, Frame joint, Direction shift shaft
Motorbike pressure parts
Wear parts
 Al plunger, Damper cylinder, Disc brakes pump casing
Electric parts
 Disk drive box, Electrical spindle sleeve, Electric clamp ring,
 Image magnetic drum, Sonar casing, Heating plate, Computer parts, Motor rotor
Other machinery 
aluminium alloy parts
 other material parts
 Marine screw, Pneumatic instrument casing, 
 Optical frames casing, Pressure-cooker & cooking vessels, Military parts
 Cu alloy valve housing, Sanitary fittings, Shaft sleeve, Worm wheel, Blowing oxygen spray parts, 
 Nodular iron casting, Cast iron pan, Disk blade, Die steel pieces, Si alloy worm wheel & mould parts