Employee benefits

      Starting from the day you join the Hede family, you are entitled to the following employee benefits. We provide comprehensive and high-quality benefits to look after each individual in the Hede family: 

Bonus: Chinese New Year bonus, birthday cash gift, year-end bonus, gifts

Insurance:endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemploymentinsurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds.

Facilities:Staff canteen, staff dormitory

Entertainment:Annual travel, year-end parties,dinner party will occur on a random basis

Vacations:Statutory holidays, paid annual leave and annual leave as prescribed by the state

Other benefits: [Bonus] year-end bonus/holiday bonus/employee gift certificates; [Insurance] group insurance/employee welfare committee; [Subsidy] educational training/employee travel grants

Employee activities

         Hede expects all employees to strike a balance between their family and personal life, their work. Therefore, the company organizes annual parent–child activities to facilitate interactions between families and the organization. Hodaka also offers a domestic travel subsidy, to facilitate sufficient relaxation for employees during holidays and improve their efficiency at work.