Getting from Society, Giving back to Society

Hede lead company development and perform society mission with “Harmony,Diligent,Innovation” theory。

Positively initiate healthy life and sustainable development theory, based on company development, we are giving enthusiastic reward to society, and committing to improve people’s life and environment, to promote human’s mutual development.

Hede upholds and advocates: To continuously improve the environment, all activities must be developed along the new path of high technology, low energy consumption and pollution control. We require that products R&D must use energy saving material, production process must harmless technique, and industrial waste must be disposed exclusively……, furthermore, we also hold environmental protection training course, to emphasize the importance of environmental protection, workplace safety and health.

Confronting numerous of public welfare themes, Hede take technology, employment and education as priority. Hede devote to automobile's lightweight forming technologies innovation, and positively exchange and popularize technical achievements, in the meantime of new plants investment, technique introduction and management promotion, we also endeavor to create job opportunities, enhance training and education, reward society and promote society development.